Ilya Vasilenko
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This page contains some of my habits that transformed my life.

Cold swimming

I started practicing cold swimming, also known as cold water immersion, with two of my friends in September 2022. Our goal was to gradually decrease the temperature as the outside temperature naturally decreased. We went from a water temperature of 24 degrees Celsius in September to 6 degrees Celsius in December (with outside temperature of -4 degress Celsius) and achieved a long-time dream of mine by swimming on the 1st of January 2023. It feels right now that it is only a beginning of a longer journey. But I will not reveal all the secret goals right now ;) According to what I know about cold swimming, it strengthens the immune system, helps build brown fat, which we have as children but lose as we age due to lack of exposure to coldness, and it also helps with relaxation and focus. Here are a couple of videos:


I started to meditate more consequently to resist the stress and focus on what matters. As a part of meditation, I also explored habits of letting goal, a feeling of the body, and theories about time management. What did it bring to me? A better sleep, less worries, and understanding what matters. Quite a good result, and definitely one to consequently continue on. I primarily used the following apps (which I will continue to use because there is a clear benefit):
  • Meditations included into the   WakingUp app. The "Introductory course", "Fundamentals", "Time Management for Mortals", and "The Stoic Path" are a good start.
  • Meditations included into the  Oura Ring App. Check out the "Letting go" one, "Full Body Relaxation", and "Quiet Your Mind Into Sleep".
Ilya Vasilenko