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Ilya Vasilenko

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I am a father, a husband and a son. I am a computer scientist, a privacy, legal and compliance professional currently working for the insurance tech company Wefox. I am an also a passionate learner constantly improving my skills in my spare time. I am a salsa teacher and a choir member. I believe in power of continous learning and love to iterate on mental models, frameworks, learning techniques, and productivity methods.


Here are electronics, books and other items that I highly recommend:

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Here are my articles and videos that I would like to share with you.


Giving talks and guest lectures is a great opportunity to structure my knowledge and dig deeper into the topic. Here you can find a list of my most recent engagements:

Best of

What is "Best of"? At the end of the year I recap what was cool in the past 12 months. I share it with friends and colleagues and ask them to reply with their list. Then I consolidate these lists in an anonymous way and send to those who replied. Here you will find my best-of lists. If you like to participate in this awesome exchange, ping me on LinkedIn to include you into the mailing list.

Why am I doing it? It pushes me to explore new stuff during the year. I also learn a ton from replies that I recieve from other people.

User manual

What is User Manual? A user manual is a short document that should, at its minimum, describe your communication preferences, provide insights into your leadership and working style, as well as describe you as a person shortly and concisely. It intends to (a) make communication more effective and efficient (b) provide an entity point into your personality to allow the first contact based on shared topics.


In this section, I post my key insights from great articles podcasts and videos. Join me to enjoy them.


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Ilya Vasilenko