Ilya Vasilenko

Ilya Vasilenko

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I am a father, a husband and a son. I am a computer scientist, a data protection, security, legal and compliance professional currently consulting Startups and SMB in Data Protection, Security, SaaS contracts and other legal matters, and regarding SaaS pricing and packaging. Visit my business homepage at I am an also a passionate learner constantly improving my skills in my spare time. I am a salsa teacher and a choir member. I believe in power of continous learning and love to iterate on mental models, frameworks, learning techniques, and productivity methods. I do wakeboarding and cold swimming, jogging and some light calisthenics to keep myself and my brain fit.

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I was lucky in my life to be able to build up a unique combination of skills from multiple related domains - data protection, legal, IT, security, and others. This skill set allows me to efficiently deliver agile consulting to various companies in Europe and the USA, and excel in my daily work.

Data Protection

  • IAPP certified: CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT
  • Working experience as DPO (7y+)
  • Consulting of other companies on data protection


  • I have been negotiating and managing telecom, data, insights, marketing, service, and SaaS contracts in 11 countries (US, Europe, Asia) for around a decade.
  • Background knowledge: Master in Business Law (FFHS).

Computer Science and Information Technologies

  • Master in Natural Language Processing
  • Master in Distributed Systems (ETHZ)
  • 15y of programming, team leadership, IT & strategic consulting, General Project Management and Technical Product Management


  • ISO 27001 Lead (6y)
  • ISO 27001 internal auditor
  • ISO 27001 implementation consultant


  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Global compliance program & trainings
  • Compliance processesreporting

Other specific skills

  • Pricing and packaging of Software as a Service products
  • Establishment of technical teams and introduction of Scrum
  • Project management

Soft skills

  • Multiple years of international negotiation experience
  • Team leadership experience
  • Project Management
  • compliance, and data protection reporting to management and boards
  • Teaching & Trainings: Regular speaker and guest lecturer

Articles, Videos, Summaries, Links, Resources

Here are my articles, videos and summaries that I would like to share with you. No particular order so far. I just like to have them online, also because I can easily send a reference to somebody I care about.


Giving talks and guest lectures is a great opportunity to structure my knowledge and dig deeper into the topic. Here you can find a list of my most recent engagements:

Best of

What is "Best of"? At the end of the year I recap what was cool in the past 12 months. I share it with friends and colleagues per email and add selected items into individual sections below. If you like to receive my end of year best-of list, ping me on LinkedIn to include you into the mailing list.

Why am I doing it? It pushes me to explore new stuff during the year. I also learn a ton from replies that I recieve from other people.


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Ilya Vasilenko