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Culture of experimentation

Steven Bartlett, a renowned entrepreneur and thought leader, champions the culture of experimentation as a cornerstone of innovation and success. He posits that true innovation requires a paradigm shift, where failures are not seen as setbacks but as essential milestones in the journey toward discovery and progress. According to Bartlett, the number of attempts and subsequent failures one accumulates is directly proportional to the opportunities for learning, growth, and eventually, breakthroughs. This philosophy encourages teams to embrace risks and view each experiment not as a potential error, but as a step closer to achieving something revolutionary. By measuring success through attempts rather than just conventional victories, teams can cultivate a resilient, forward-thinking mindset that is unafraid of challenges and driven by curiosity. Bartlett's approach motivates individuals and teams alike to experiment regularly, fostering an environment where innovation is not just encouraged but celebrated, regardless of the immediate outcomes. This cultural shift can lead to unprecedented ideas and solutions, propelling the team and the organization toward greater heights.

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Compensation for flight delays


I decided to explore the process and potential benefits of claiming compensation for flight delays. The main question I sought to answer was: Is it worthwhile to invest time and effort into claiming money for a delay from an airline? Specifically, I aimed to understand the thresholds for delay times and the corresponding amounts of compensation one can receive.

Experiment Details

Scenario Description

Initial Hypothesis

Both our flights were booked on a single ticket (via Condor's website) making one company (Condor) responsible for the entire trip. I assumed that there might be a possibility to get certain compensation.

Action Taken


Compensation Thresholds

Key Learning Points

Unexpected Challenges

A significant portion of time was spent retrieving digital copies of boarding passes, highlighting the importance of keeping physical copies.


It is indeed viable to seek compensation for significant flight delays, contingent on thorough documentation and persistence. However, for delays under three hours, the effort will most likely not result into any compensation.

What to make better in case of future flight delays

Ilya Vasilenko