Ilya Vasilenko
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Frameworks and metamodels

Contrarian Framework: Efficient Vs. Effective

You have efficient days and effective days... Both are important but don’t confuse the two.

There are days when you’ll hammer out a 25-item to-do list, and then there are days when you’ll make one, important decision. Both are key.

Boredom is an underrated ingredient for impact. Letting ourselves get bored helps us notice we’re on a hamster wheel, checking off to-do lists but going nowhere. Some of our most effective moments are born in the most “boring” of times – like coming up with an idea on a long walk or spending hours in deep writing.

Maybe we should stop dreading boredom. Instead, let’s learn how to recognize it, tame it, and leverage the sh*t out of it.

Ilya Vasilenko