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Frameworks and metamodels

Contrarian Framework: Efficient Vs. Effective

You have efficient days and effective days... Both are important but don’t confuse the two.

There are days when you’ll hammer out a 25-item to-do list, and then there are days when you’ll make one, important decision. Both are key.

Boredom is an underrated ingredient for impact. Letting ourselves get bored helps us notice we’re on a hamster wheel, checking off to-do lists but going nowhere. Some of our most effective moments are born in the most “boring” of times – like coming up with an idea on a long walk or spending hours in deep writing.

Maybe we should stop dreading boredom. Instead, let’s learn how to recognize it, tame it, and leverage the sh*t out of it.

Stop saying "I don't have time for (something)". It is simply not true. Time is the only resource hat is constant, permanent and always available in the same amount to everyone. The truth is that you don't make time for matters to you. Hence, if something is important, MAKE TIME FOR IT.

How to do that? Step 1: Write down your target (e.g. read a book a month which means read 10 pages a day). Step 2: Put a time blocker into the calendar to do it (preferrably at the same time to ensure a routine and build up a habit). If it is not in the calendar, it will most likely not be done. Step 3: Make a simple piece of paper to track your progress every day - just a list with dates and e.g. a number of pages your read. Step 4: If you hold yourself up for 30 days to this challenge, celebrate it - buy yourself something small that you will see or use every day at least during the next few weeks.

Simplicity is key. (a.k.a. "Keep your shit lean." David Goggings) Master simplicity by saying "No".

It is easier to replace habits than to get rid of them.

  • Say "No" to doom scrolling. Replace it with productive procrastination.
  • Say "No" to unnesassary buyings.
  • Control what comes through the front door. The delta shall be zero or negative over time. Otherwise, you will end up with a clattered home that is hard to clean up.

Focus on few bold items. Saying Yes to something means implicitly say No to many other things.

  • Three main goals per week. Carefully choose three main goals.
  • Why are you doing that? Think through why you do something. Does it scale or do you sell your time for money?
  • Where you don't compromise? Choose carefully where you don't compromise: (1) time with Mischa, doing awesome things with Yudi, spending time with mama (2) reading (3) sport (4) sleep.

Joyful time instead of must-do attitude. Don't live in a mode that you have to. Switch to the mode of joyful time spending.

  • What would you be glad to celebrate in 12 months?

Ask the expert. Surround yourself with people who are good in different topics. Conciously use experts to 10x your path to solution.

Ilya Vasilenko