Ilya Vasilenko
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My Best Of 2019


"Negotiating the Impossible: How to Break Deadlocks and Resolve Ugly Conflicts" by Deepak Malhotra

it is an incredible masterpiece written by a Harvard professor with a long record of field experience in negotiations. The book is full of hands-on recommendations that are backed up by examples from all kinds of industries and organizations. I highly recommend this book both for private and working life.

Books - "Winning" by Jack Welsh

Jack Welsh worked his way from the bottom to the CEO of General Electrics and was leading this company for 20 years. This book is a set of recipes for all aspects of company management - how to set company goals, how to hire and manage people, how to expand and others. It is a total must-have.

Life hack of the year

My morning routine that contains: a breathing session according to the Wim Hof method, then a set of exercises (100 pushups, abs, stretching...) and a cold shower. It takes approximately 30 minutes and sets me up for the whole day. It had an incredible impact on my life. I skipped it only a few times and felt like a potato bag those days.

Gadget of the year

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500. It comes with OCR software. I completely switched to a digital (home) office - any paper coming through the front door (invoices, notifications, advertisement if relevant) is scanned and OCR'ed using this device and then stored in Dropbox (paid). I also scanned in old paper folders. Result? My whole documents are perfectly organized, I find anything within seconds and I gained a couple of free shelves. Amazing!


The habit of the year

I became more aware of the long-term impact of small but continuous efforts. They cost a few minutes of your life every day, but, if implemented every single day, change you over time. In Q4 2019 I incorporated a new habit to learn one new word in Spanish every day, but religiously every single day. Result? If I have time, I do more on some days, but if not - I still learn at least one word which sums up to at least 365 new words in one year - definitely much better then no new words at all. Practically, due to this habit, I stay in the context and actually learn more.
Ilya Vasilenko